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A Utility Company - Risk Management System

Business Challenges

A Utility Company is an energy management company assisting clients develop and implement energy strategies designed to meet their specific needs. In partnership with their clients, the Utility Company creates a corporate-wide Strategic Energy Plan that allows clients to manage their energy expenses with fewer internal resources. The Strategic Energy Plan utilizes the expertise of the Utility Company professionals to deliver measurable savings to their clients.

the Utility Company identified the need to provide industry-leading service to its customers and so engaged the services of CTE to conduct the Clarify phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

In the Clarify Phase, CTE reviewed the Utility Company’s current infrastructure and processes and then presented their findings and recommendations to senior executive team at the Utility Company. These included identifying opportunities for technology enablement, a project road map and a functionality matrix that captured the Utility Company’s technology vision.

One of the major findings of the Clarify phase was that the bulk of the challenges, as well as the opportunities arose from the process by which the Utility Company collects, retains and manages its information. It was recommended that the Utility Company address this problem by developing a Customer Bill Management system (CBMS).


CTE developed multiple applications to enable business efficiency and improve operations of the Utility Company. CTE proposed the Client Bill Management System (CBMS), a web based custom software, which acts as a single repository for all the utility rates, supplier contracts, and client invoices, utility and supplier information, client information etc.

The application helps the Utility Company recalculating the invoices for any errors as well as doing variance checks. It has many useful tools like Rate Comparison, budget, savings etc. A messaging queue is in place for the analysts.


The application is geared towards automating tasks of Client Energy Manager (CEM) and Risk Management groups, as well as provides greatly enhanced reporting capabilities, and a single structure for data storage. A secondary benefit of this application is that creating a database structure to store this information will allow the Utility Company to present this information to clients in a more streamlined and real time format.

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