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Application Management

Using our agile CMMI Level 5 development methodology we jointly analyze, design, implement, test and integrate with your systems

Managing enterprise-wide applications has become an increasingly complex and costly exercise for many companies. Various internal and external factors have compelled organizations to spend more time, effort and money to keep their systems and applications running at peak efficiency. As a result, IT departments are devoting a significant portion of their budgets and staff for managing day-to-day tasks, instead of focusing on mission-critical projects essential for promoting business growth. CT has extensive experience managing applications at every level – even right down to the infrastructure where the application resides; on-premise or in the cloud. CT’s Application Maintenance and Support Services offers support services for applications, middleware platforms and technologies. Application Operations (L1/L2/L3) Includes 24×7 monitoring of applications for availability / performance / capacity, batch monitoring / management. CT’s Help desk includes incident management activities such as incident management, Support (email, chat, and telephone), root cause analysis; tracking and escalation management, and closure; user training & administration. Production Support Apart from end user training, product support teams assist with incident management and resolution; and problem management activities such as trend analysis, root cause analysis, known error establishment, and minor break-fixes. Release and Change Support Comprises setting up of various test environments, release / change activities such as release coordination, emergency releases, build and code deployment, managing maintenance calendar, and continuous Integration process. Infrastructure Management and Support Includes infrastructure management monitoring, user administration, application deployment, patch management, and configuration management for application infrastructure: Web servers/application servers, network, and security for both cloud and Hosted infrastructure.