Application Migration & Transformation

Using our agile CMMI Level 5 development methodology we jointly analyze, design, implement, test and integrate with your systems

CT can assist your organization to migrate either your entire application environment or a partial environment to the Cloud. CT’s solution will first ask “do we need to migrate”, “how do we migrate”, “what could or should be migrated”, and “how much to migrate” to the Cloud. Though IT organizations have experienced a positive trend in migrating to Cloud, they are unsure of the financial and business implications as it relates to their current and future needs. CT’s team helps to bridge that gap and migrate clients to the Cloud environment efficiently and with clarity. We help our customers identify strategic options where they can benefit by leveraging their processes, and assets and our capabilities. Several significant changes are occurring in organizations’ IT environments that are causing subtle and important shifts to their concept of integration. As these changes occur over the next five to eight years, organizations will need to change their approach to integration. CT has undertaken migration projects involving legacy applications and the areas where we have extensive experience include the migration of applications developed on Forms & Reports (version 2.5 and later) and later versions of Oracle Forms & Reports (version 6i / 9i). CT has also customized migrated applications to better manage the changing needs of businesses. In conjunction with the migration of an application we also migrate databases – from earlier versions of Oracle to later versions and also from other RDBMS to Oracle databases. Providing application migration from one technology platform to a newer platform is also an area of expertise, especially application migration to various clouds. The integrated solution enables organizations to take advantage of and leverage the cost savings and efficiencies associated by the public cloud. This helps to mitigate some of the complexities associated with manual processes and interrupting live applications. Our Enterprise level services benefit our customers through enhanced focus and a proactive approach to provisioning and customer requests providing a best-in-class level of service and improved teamwork and communication. Overall, CT’s services help an organization to manage applications better and reducing or eliminating any negative business impact by improving resource utilization and increasing productivity.

“It was a great experience to initiate the relationship with CT, we were impressed with their promptness, technical capability and offerings in the areas of Oracle and AWS. I hope we have a long lasting relationship.”

Prasanna Kokad