AWS Competency

Cambridge Technology (CT) has maintained a partner relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) since 2009. CT has built a significant practice introducing and utilizing AWS products and services. CT has more than thirty (30) certified AWS technical resources and all of their sales and business development teams are accredited as AWS Business and Technical Professionals.

CT has worked with customers delivering architectural design services, migration, infrastructure provisioning, management – from infrastructure through the application tier, storage solutions and data-warehouse (Redshift) projects. While providing these services CT has gained experience and expertise in virtually every aspect of the AWS technology platform; including but not limited to, EC2, S3, RDS, Linux and MS OS, Route 53, EBS, SES, EMR, IAM, Auto-scaling, Elastic Beanstalk and more. This has positioned CT to uniquely provide end-to-end service solutions utilizing AWS’s technology from strategy through management efficiently and on time, every time.

“It was a great experience to initiate the relationship with CT, we were impressed with their promptness, technical capability and offerings in the areas of Oracle and AWS. I hope we have a long lasting relationship.”

Prasanna Kokad