Big Data Services

Data Potential

Accelerate deployment, lower costs and risk and adopt cloud based agile Data Warehouse development & analytics

Datafication in corporations is driven by a growing amount of content, in the form of activities, words, voice, Social Media, Browser logs, photos, videos, data points, sensors and others. However data is almost never homogenous, and not always structured. It varies based on volume, speed of generation, variety in generation and by its uncertainty. Datafication in organizations is in its infancy, organizations often don’t have the technical capabilities to take advantage of information. They are often limited and outdated. With the emergence of a cloud based business model where capacity can be added based on capacity needs, organizations have a totally different means to build out their data collection processes.

Unlocking the data potential in organizations requires a detailed understanding about how data can be found, collected, organized and made available. Our services include Meta Data Management, Master Data Management and data services.