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CTE helps publication house to enhance back office functionality and cut overhead

The customer is a leading publication house in Karnataka, India, with their printing press located at multiple locations and offices spread across India. They have a vast distribution network and agencies across the state that provides newspaper and magazines to readers on time.


At the production sites, the client was using a customized Oracle ERP solution developed on client-server architecture. Since the application was implemented independently in all the four printing presses, data consolidation from all the locations was very tedious and time consuming. This affected the income from advertisements, as the availability of space and other details were not available real-time. The process was error prone and too slow for the management to effectively make decisions. Moreover, the application distribution was a major task. Any small change in the application had to be installed at all locations and all nodes. The customer approached CTE for a solution because of our vast experience in the ERP application implementations.


CTE suggested upgrading from the client server version to browser-based Oracle Forms 10g and installing Oracle Application Server 10g on Suse Linux 9. This not only enabled back-office lending functionality to more than 200 users across their head office, printing press facilities, and branches but also cut overhead significantly by centralizing all the data.

CTE team took care of the tuning and monitoring of Oracle Database in the heterogeneous temporary setup. Migration of the data from the older version of Oracle Database to Oracle 10g was carried out smoothly without disturbing the day-to-day operation.


  • Easy access and operation
  • Increased income from advertisements and classifieds by more than 10%
  • Made information available in real-time which was utmost important for a media company and cut overheads
  • Helped management make faster decisions

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