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CTE helps customer migrate ERP Application and enhance operational efficiency

The customer is a market leader in flexible packaging, with manufacturing facilities at multiple locations in India. They offer a wide portfolio of packaging solutions that include flexible packaging, labeling technologies, and specialized cartons. They meet the packaging needs of almost the entire gamut of FMCG segments, including personal products, food, beverages, bakery products, spices, dairy products, chocolates, and confectionary.


The client was using a customized Oracle ERP solution in client-server architecture. The application had about 900 user interfaces implemented independently in multiple locations. Because of the client-server architecture, none of these locations were connected and the client was finding it extremely difficult to collect and consolidate information of inventory, sales, and other required day-to-day information from all the manufacturing plants.

The customer approached CTE because of our reputation for providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions.


CTE experts realized that the custom ERP application at the customer site met all the business requirements and functions, but that the client-server technology was limiting the integration of data from all the plants in real time. CTE proposed the migration of the current application from client-server architecture to the web-based architecture of Oracle application server 10g. Changes were made in the application to facilitate consolidation of information from all the plants. The migrated application had minimum possible changes in the user interface, thereby avoiding training and re-learning.

CTE could wrap up the migration process within 6 months, ensuring uniform vendor management across all the locations and improved overall operational efficiency of the organization.


  • Reduced expenses of re-development and re-training
  • Enhanced operational efficiency

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