IAM Services

IAM Implementation

We help avail appropriate access to resources at the right time to the right people with our IAM services

Understanding the complexities and integration pitfalls of Identity and Access Management solutions, transformations and operationalization into organizations’ takes complete ownership of the deployments and integrations. CT’s strong IAM Practice with strong technical and subject matter expertise coupled with industry best practices and a strong program management experience; have helps organizations deliver successful IAM programs.

CT’s IAM implementation services help you implement effective access control mechanisms; maintain user information integrity and confidentiality; reduce the cost of user management; reduce the cost of helpdesk calls and application maintenance while increasing productivity. In addition, we help you maintain user information integrity and confidentiality.

  • Manage identity lifecycle (creating, managing and de-commissioning stakeholder identities)
  • DevOps driven implementation
  • Directory services: User / group / role profiling and consolidation
  • Access management: Role engineering, role-based access control,
  • Integration with portals
  • Rule based alerts
  • Dedicated, customer focused team, equipped to handle any data volume
  • Identity Lifecycle Management: Evaluating compliance and controls evaluation, audits and reports

IAM Partners