IAM Services

IAM Services

We help avail appropriate access to resources at the right time to the right people with our IAM services

Enterprises today need reliable ways to secure access to information with effective measures of control over access and protection from threats. Managing and securing information is central to organizational success. IT landscape for enterprises are transforming making Identity and Access Management services a critical part of IT Architecture and strategy.

A well architected identity management solution enables organizations to implement a sound authentication and authorization mechanism. It also helps address regulatory concerns and overcome security, productivity and efficiency issues arising from scattered, multiple sources of identity and security information. As part of the IAM practice, CT offers its customers a full lifecycle of IAM services for the enterprise.

CT leverages deep domain knowledge and integration expertise to securely manage identities and access using its services such as

IAM Strategy

CTE’s IAM Strategy services are focused on helping align the business needs, IAM technology platforms/features and enterprise legacy platforms to come up with a strategic roadmap…


IAM Implementation


Understanding the complexities and integration pitfalls of Identity and Access Management solutions, transformations and operationalization into organizations’ takes complete ownership…


IAM Managed Services

IAM has become a critical business application for the management of the user lifecycle, auditing, regulatory compliance and delivering an enhanced user experience.


IAM Partners