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A leading provider of diagnostic services - Sales Management Tool

Business Challenges

A leading provider of diagnostic services is the leading provider of diagnostic testing, information and services in the US with almost 2,000 patient service centers, approximately 155 rapid response laboratories, and 30-plus regional laboratories.

Quest operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and has been through numerous mergers and acquisitions since its launch in 1967 as MetPath.

There were inconsistencies in the sale processes throughout the organization and the increasing mergers and acquisitions only compounded to the problem due to marrying of several cultures and processes.

It was seen that Quest lacked competitiveness in Wall Street Metrics. A leading provider of diagnostic services approached CTE to develop a solution that would help boost revenues and competitiveness.


Quest Diagnostic participated in CTE’s Cambridge Executive Workshop (CEW), an intensive program, where corporate executives and staff collaborate to identify new ideas and move them to deployment.

During the CEW, CTE identified that customer service, administrative support, and contact management were the key areas that needed attention. Going mobile was the way ahead.

Traditionally, billing, supply, dispatch information were not communicated in a timely manner. As per CTE’s proposed mobile solution, Quest would be able to send out immediate alerts to the appropriate sales representatives and be able to resolve a problem by timely escalation.

The administrative support, which earlier called for frequent traveling and manual reporting in addition to giving face-to-face training increased paper work and delayed processes. CTE’s solution would now enable self-service training, real-time information sharing and reduction in administrative travel.


The sales management tool will benefit the leading provider of diagnostic services through revenue growth and increased competitiveness. The centralized repository of information would drastically reduce time spent on administrative processes. It would allow accurate sales forecasting.

As per research, most customers lose more than 10% of customers per year. Customer retention was one of the main objectives as acquiring a new customer was five times more costly than retaining the current one. The solution would give out real-time data through various alerts and offer personalized information and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. This loyalty would thus bring about an increase of 60-80% in profits over a period of 10 years.

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