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Product Maintenance

Companies that sell a product—whether that product is software, services, or tangible goods—face serious challenges in maintaining older versions of their products during transition phases in their markets. Naturally, new versions are expected to quickly gain position in the market, but because many existing customers don’t immediately upgrade to the new version, maintenance for the old version must continue. This maintenance includes the addition of minor product enhancements and continuing to fix product defects. And that maintenance of the old version diverts important resources away from development and maintenance of the new version.

To better prepare for the longer-term organizational needs surrounding the new product, CTE offers innovative maintenance services for the old version, such as offshore product maintenance and long-term maintenance, that can free up resources that you can apply to the new version.

The maintenance of old versions of products requires deep knowledge of the product. To facilitate the knowledge transfer, CTE can set up a Dedicated Delivery Unit (DDU) for the customer. The DDU team, staffed with a combination of developers and quality control personnel, would work under your direction and management to continue the maintenance cycles for your old versions. The DDU would be able to help you in minor releases, minor enhancements, bug fixes, patch releases, defect resolution, and ongoing maintenance.

The major benefits of partnering with CTE include:

  • Your entire development team would be unconstrained and available for assignment to new technologies and the challenges of new versions.
  • You would be able to offer more effective and better service to your existing customers.

CTE CMMI Level 5 Certified