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Cambridge Technology Enterprises Introduces Scoring Engine Ver. 2.0
Streamlines business logic development in applications

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - February 23, 2003 - Cambridge Technology Enterprises (CTE) Inc., a leader in collaborative business innovation services that accelerate deployment of enterprise applications, today introduced Scoring Engine Ver. 2.0, an event-driven, workflow-based correlation and trend analysis solution. This unique software delivers structured and centralized policy management to enterprises, helping avoid crises and ensure smooth business transactions.

Scoring Engine streamlines and stores policies pertaining to various aspects of enterprise business, enabling more effective decision making and control, especially in moments of crisis.

Scoring Engine is designed to be used for specific business situations:

Event Management To avoid crisis situations, Scoring Engine ensures that the appropriate people have access to precise information so they may initiate corrective measures in order to avert problems.

Process Orchestration Successful business operations and transactions are enhanced when Scoring Engine provides the framework that lets the enterprise distribute, orchestrate, and adhere to policies swiftly and consistently.

Process Regulation Streamlined central management of policies and the ability to generate alerts is provided by Scoring Engine for situations when strict regulatory constraints, such as clinical trial procedures from the FDA, are imposed in the enterprise business process.

"With Scoring Engine 2.0, applications do not need to have business logic hard coded or stored as meta-data," explained Bhaskar Panigraphi, CEO of Cambridge Technology Enterprises. "With policy defined in a more "legible" fashion and presented in the appropriate domain context, application developers can focus on application functions instead of spending time in capturing business logic. Furthermore, modification to the application is no longer needed if only the policy condition changes, saving staff time and insuring consistency across the enterprise."

Further benefits of Scoring Engine 2.0 include:

  • There is no confusion about "who knows what" when a crisis arises, because of centralized information management.
  • Individual employees are empowered to take decisions; they know best about what policies are to be defined.
  • All policies are outlined clearly, eliminating situations where a policy is incomplete or meaningless.
  • Policy modifications are put into effect immediately in all relevant applications.
  • Common policies among various vertical markets are defined as templates for the given domain, and inherited by the policies created from the template.
  • Behavioral differences are captured with different policies; application modules no longer need to involve policy specification.

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