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CTE develops a mobile marketing solution

The customer is a pioneer in mobile marketing solutions that use the camera phone as the link between the physical and digital worlds. Their applications are adopted by Fortune 25 technology firms. They made a mark for themselves by developing products for mobile phones and other wireless devices with the ability to quickly capture, decode, and process barcodes found on products, catalogs, magazines, etc.


Customer wanted to develop an application which would allow the user to get the product price, other online price, product information, reviews, etc., upon capturing or entering bar codes printed or electronically displayed on products. These solutions were designed for handset manufacturers, wireless carriers, content providers, and retailers. They approached us because of our vast experience developing mobile applications.


We had to use camera phones to capture the printed or electronically-displayed barcodes on the products and immediately decode them. The solution integrates its products with an array of business platforms and provides SDK to be utilized with other proprietary solutions. After a detailed analysis, the “Shopper Application” was divided into following main blocks of system components:

  • Handset Layer: This layer deals with the presence of the solution on the mobile handset. The primary user interface of the solution is on the mobile handset. This layer is present since the Phase 1 build but will be enhanced in Phase 2 with the addition of more modules.
  • Web Layer: This layer provides a web user interface to the application
  • Content Providers: This layer consists of the content providers whose content is displayed to the end user
  • Platform Layer:This is the central component of the solution. It houses all the business logic and data storage required for the functioning of the application.
  • Our constant and clear communication helped the client to fix defects inline with the development plan; and subsequently release the versions as scheduled.


  • Product development cost reduced up to 50%

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