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CTE’s team has extensive experience and expertise in providing testing services and setting up offshore test labs. CTE’s team has strengths in technology, operations, quality, and establishing enduring relationships with global customers. With our deeply experienced pool of resources, we offer unmatched expertise in setting up Offshore Testing Centers (OTC) and in successfully executing projects that enable software companies, device manufacturers, and wireless carriers to have their product fully tested prior to market introduction.

In addition to its custom, project-based testing, CTE offers offshore testing services to clients with long-term testing needs.

CTE offers broad skill sets with proven best practices and efficient project management. With a mature process control in place, we are ISO 9001 quality control certified.

CTE’s testing services provide you with:

  • Reduced cost of ownership results from a large part of the testing and automation services being provided offshore
  • Enhanced product quality and stability result as our team complements your team to enhance their testing scenarios and test plans and as we take over the regression testing of the product
  • Reduced time to market results when CTE supplements the needs for product testing with automation of test cases that improve testing accuracy
  • CTE can meet the flexible needs of testing, minimizing the risks in project management. Also, your team can focus on higher-end product management activities while the offshore team operates—at extremely low management overhead to you.
  • CTE engineers can handle the automation activity, while your test engineers can continue to focus on release testing.
  • CTE offers flexible pricing arrangements that allow clients to budget more effectively. Through the OTC, CTE would shift a majority of the work offshore, passing on the cost benefit that can only be achieved by a large-scale testing operation.
  • CTE’ s highly experienced staff possesses a variety of special skills, including application development, automated test script and test tool development, management of information systems, and database design.
  • Once an ongoing testing need is established, CTE allocates space, equipment, and a client-specific testing lab.

CTE offers various types of testing engagements, including:

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Product-specific Test Case Creation
  • Functional Test Execution
  • Regression Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Integration Testing (Scenario Testing)
  • System Testing in the Production Environment

The benefits of CTE's testing services include:

  • Quality assurance of the products in a variety of platforms
  • Faster delivery of product to the market
  • Optimizing QA processes to help further expand outsourcing in the future
  • Regression Testing Successful development on schedule, at low cost
  • Access to industry best practices
  • Clearer strategic focus
  • Improved quality and productivity
  • Cost-efficient solution

CTE CMMI Level 5 Certified