Cloudy or Not? The Best and Worst of Cloud Applications

Each single day, an increasing number of enterprises are shifting their applications to the cloud. There are many reasons for doing so. The cloud saves time, cuts down the cost, takes the hassle out of infrastructure maintenance and does much more. However, is your application ready for its journey to the cloud? [...]

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Data Safety Over Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud solutions assist organizations to encompass advanced data storage, computing, and analysis services to improve their existing IT infrastructure. However, along with the numerous benefits cloud has to offer, there are concerns still prevailing over the security of the data. This paves the way to the obvious [...]

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Top 5 Reasons to Adopt Cloud

Cloud services and solutions have earned their competency badge by proving excellence in cost reduction, introducing better tractability and aiding optimum utilization of sources. Cloud solutions can boost growth and help achieve business goals.

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5 Ways Cloud Streamlines Your Business Processes

Cloud is fast, becoming the new normal. Over the past few years, there have been impressive increase in cloud adoption, for the obvious reasons; higher productivity, minimal costs and greater control over business processes. Despite huge adoption, organizations fail to understand how to better streamline the [...]

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Top 10 Cloud Predictions

Gone are the days when all applications had to be developed, tested and stored on-premise. This is the age of agility, innovation and scalability. It doesn’t take a prophecy to predict that cloud computing is seeing an upsurge this year. Things get even more lucrative to see the barriers becoming drivers to cloud [...]

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