CTE to hold event on 22nd and 23rd February on Microsoft Azure’s AI/ML platform

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Bengaluru, February 21, 2018: Cambridge Technology Enterprises (NSE: CTE; BSE: 532801), a leading global technology company focused on Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) to transform organizations into AI-first leaders, is going to organize an event titled ‘Beyond Prediction: Using Microsoft Azure’s AI/ML platform for Data Driven Decision Making’ in Chennai and Mumbai on 22 Feb and 23 Feb respectively.

The remarkable and rapid development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques for supervised learning has generated a high level of interest in applying algorithms that enable companies to solve use-cases such as predicting consumer sentiment and churn.

However, in our experience, less attention has been paid to the deeper questions of whether pure prediction methods are enough to solve these kinds of business challenges. In this presentation, we will showcase that in many real-world business cases, the optimal solution involves an additional level of analysis that takes into account statistical causal models of interventions.

At this event, the following will be discussed:

  • An Introduction to Microsoft AI and Machine Learning Platform
  • How to demonstrate the limitations of pure predictive models and outline solutions
  • How enterprises can start building their capabilities in AI and ML

The session will be hosted by Dr. Rajan Lukose, CTO & Chief Data Scientist, Cambridge Technology and Padmanava Debnath, Senior Architect, Cambridge Technology.

For registrations, please visit

Chennai: www.ctepl.com/ctevents/microsoftazure/Chennai/
Mumbai: www.ctepl.com/ctevents/microsoftazure/Mumbai/


Dr. Rajan Lukose, CTO & Chief Data Scientist, Cambridge Technology
Dr. Lukose brings the experience of working as Senior Research Scientist at Hewlett Packard Laboratories for over a decade. He also worked at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center. He has over 25 patents registered in his name and has several laurels including an IBM award in Computational Finance. He had done his thesis on ‘Internet Dynamics’ and has over 20 publications credits including ‘Learning User Purchase Intent from User-Centric Data’, ‘Local Search in Unstructured Networks’, ‘An Economic Approach to Hard Computational Problems’. He received a PhD in Physics from Stanford University.

Padmanava Debnath, Senior Architect, Cambridge Technology
Mr. Debnath has 18+ years of well-rounded experience with Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Architecture, Solution Visualization, DevOps Practices, Machine Learning platforms and Agile delivery. He specializes in architecting scalable, highly-available & self-healing applications, responsive web applications, microservices, serverless architectures, automation, CI/CD, IaC, CM, and building, training & deploying models in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Machine Learning platforms. He has a Masters from IIT – Kharagpur.

Cambridge Technology is scheduled to organize event titled ‘Beyond Prediction Series: Building a Data Lake for Machine Learning’ with Amazon Web Services between 8-22 March 2018 in multiple cities in USA.

About Cambridge Technology
Cambridge Technology Enterprises (CTE) is a leading global technology company transforming organizations into “AI-first” leaders. CTE is enabling its customers to create AI solutions that transform their businesses; by helping solve the world’s complex and most interesting business challenges with AI. CTE gives organizations unparalleled access to cutting-edge technology by bringing together the best-in-industry using its years of expertise in building solutions for some of the world’s largest and most innovative enterprises; leveraging Big Data, Cloud & Machine Learning experience. CTE’s products and services address all the transformational AI needs of an organization — from strategic workshops to implementation of transformative business solutions through its AI as a Service (AIaaS). CTE’s expertise across multiple domains makes it the preferred choice for organizations seeking an AI Partner to innovate and leapfrog the market. CTE is assessed at Maturity Level 5 for CMMI v1.3 with ISO 27001:2013 certification. For more information, visit www.c7e.co or follow @cam_technology on twitter.

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