Enerallies IOT SaaS Platform

About EnerAllies

EnerAllies provides solutions to reduce HVAC energy and maintenance costs for small-format retail and restaurant chains without a heavy investment of money or time. The company is transforming energy management from a hardware-heavy industrial controls approach to a software-centric and data services solution.

Their solution reduces energy costs, reduces repair cost with an early warning system, provides a premium customer experience by improving site comfort and saves time with the remote management and data-insight services. Their software-based approach eliminates having to pay for, manage and support complex HVAC control hardware.

The Challenge

The web-based energy management portal on the AWS Cloud is built for multi-site enterprises, providing centralized control and access to a range of energy cost, usage and operational information, alarms, diagnostics, and analytics.

The product has a high data velocity and volume; which the energy management platform manages using the AWS IOT platform. However, it was essential for the business to quickly on-board the enterprises and their IoT devices to collect data and automatically manage them.

CT Solution

CT approached the challenge by EnerAllies IOT platform as a AWS cloud based SaaS . On boarded enterprises (Tenants) used shared resources to minimize cost with client isolation achieved thru client context injection across all the layers.

With each device getting registered on AWS IOT platform, their state is being recorded. Data is transferred to rules engines and from there to Kinesis. Kinesis Analytics filters, transforms, aggregates the data with standard SQL and sends back processed data. This provides them with live streaming dashboard to get unified experience of all connected devices.

Data is stored in AWS Aurora, in multi-tenant tables that were partitioned by tenant for data separation.


Cloud based SaaS framework and architecture

  • AngularJs and Spring Framework – AngularJs is used to develop the front-end and Spring Framework for the server-side part of the Enerallies Platform.
  • AWS IOT – Used to register IoT elabled HVAC devices
  • AWS Kinesis – Used to process the streaming data from all connected devices.
  • Amazon EC2 – Highly available and scalable virtual servers that constituted the primary computing capability of the solution
  • AWS Aurora – Highly scalable, available and durable MySQL-compatible relational database with Amazon Aurora.
  • Amazon SES and SNS – for cost effective notifications
  • AWS ELB – for efficient load balancing
  • Auto Scale – for high scalability
  • Amazon Cloudwatch and CloudTrail – for monitoring and auditing.
  • AWS CloudFront – Content delivery network for high speed and low latency content distribution.
  • AWS S3 – Used as the storage solution


Reduced Energy costs: With this solution Enerallies was able slash energy costs by 20%-30% annually for all their customers.

Improved Efficiency: Reduced outages with prompt and early identification of issues leading to reduction of defects with 90% predictive accuracy.

Architecture: AWS enabled EnerAllies architecture to be scalable, cloud-hosted, responsive, interoperable, and secure.

Key outcomes
  • Reduced outages
  • Integrated and secured Big Data analytics environment
  • Faster data accessibility and analysis
Products/Services used
  • AngularJs
  • AWS EC2
  • AWS Aurora
  • Amazon Dynamo DB
  • Amazon Cloudwatch
  • Amazon CloudTrail
  • AWS Kinesis
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