Oracle E-Business Suite Solution on AWS


In the past, Oracle E-Business Suite customers had only one choice to run their Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) on the Oracle technology stack and it was their on-premise infrastructure. As the business expanded, the traditional infrastructure was no longer effective and there was a need for organizations to run their operations on the cloud computing platform such as AWS. However, Migrating Oracle E-Business R12.1.3 and 11g Oracle database onto the AWS Cloud was a challenge. Oracle EBS must be tested on a regular basis to ensure its performance remains at an acceptable level, which is difficult to maintain in multiple environments.

Discover the Benefits of an Oracle E-Business Solution on AWS, with Cambridge Technology’s quick and secure architecture. Accelerate your time to E-Business upgrades Cambridge Technology, an APN advanced consulting partner with AWS Oracle competency. This AWS Solutions from CT comes advisory services from Cambridge’s AWS Cloud Architects to complement your solution with additional consulting services and also includes options to purchase new or migrating BYOL Oracle Licenses options.

Solution – Features and Aspects

You can now start an Oracle E-Business Suite implementation on AWS without any upfront cost or commitment for compute, storage, or network infrastructure. CT provisioned an Amazon Virtual Private Network (Amazon VPC) to run the Oracle E-Business Suite, these modules (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Oracle Asset Management and SO, PO and India tax localization) were successfully deployed on Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances via Elastic Load Balancing. The Oracle HTTPS Server (OHS) and the Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS) are deployed on each application tier instance. The OHS accepts these requests from Elastic Load Balancing and route them to the Oracle WLS.

Although performance testing is recommended prior to any major change to an Oracle E-Business Suite environment, most customers test only the performance test on their Oracle E-Business Suite application during the initial launch. Later releases are usually never tested for performance due to the expense and lack of environment required for such performance testing.

AWS reduces the risk of performance issues later in production. An AWS Cloud environment can be created easily and only used when needed. Also, you are only charged for the hours the environment is used.

Solution Architecture Diagram

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