Take The Fast Route:
Transform Your Applications to SaaS

Reach customers faster by transforming your legacy applications into SaaS with Amazon AppStream 2.0. Simplify your journey towards cloud-based solutions and SaaS models to reach any device, anywhere.

Modernize Your Legacy Applications

If you want to make the most out of your applications, the legacy way might not be the perfect route to take. You need to modernize them and take them to the cloud. For ISVs, the process is not simple. But not moving to cloud might lead to losing business. This is where Amazon AppStream 2.0 can become the fast route.
Begin your journey towards agility by modernizing your legacy applications to cloud-based solutions, seamlessly. Improve customer experience by deploying any application or non-persistent desktop applications through any browser, anywhere. Transform your applications to SaaS with Amazon AppStream 2.0 and let go of the hassles with a fully-managed service that’s ready to go.

modernize applications with amazon appstream 2.0

How It Works

Complexities are never fun. Say hello to the simple way of streaming applications with Amazon AppStream 2.0. Here’s how it works.

How Amazon Appstream 2.0 Works

Source : Amazon AppStream 2.0

Application Streaming

Take the Faster Route to Cloud Without Rewrites

Don’t waste your time, costs and resources on running and deploying legacy applications. Give them a cloud-based twist by streaming applications anywhere, through any cloud, in real time without any rewrites. Bring agility, scalability and security like never before by modernizing your applications with experts, who will guide you through every step of the way.
Read more about how you can stream your applications better in this Forrester whitepaper on Application Streaming (A study conducted for AWS).

SaaS, the Easy Way

Fast-track your cloud adoption by making your apps available simply through a web portal. Manage users, access, and data better with features that are crafted to simplify your SaaS DevOps.

SaaS with Appstream

Modernize Legacy Applications with Amazon Appstream 2.0

Modernized Legacy

Transform your legacy applications and modernize them with solutions like Amazon AppStream 2.0. Integrate your IT seamlessly and make them future-ready to stay ahead of the crowd.

Uninterrupted Scalability

Scale as you want without being bogged down by acquiring, provisioning, and operating hardware or infrastructure with a pay-as-you-go model. Automate resource management to host and run your applications, without delays.

Uninterrupted Scalability with Appstream

Secure Applications and Data with Application Streaming

Secure Applications and Data

Bring the power of a secure AWS data center and network architecture to your applications by streaming them as encrypted pixels. Keep your data secure within your network, fearlessly.

Fluid, Responsive User Experience. Always.

Lift-and-shift your desktop applications and place them closer to your backend servers and data. Enjoy the power of AWS to get highly responsive, low latency, and secure access for your apps.

Responsive User Experience with Appstream 2.0

Centralized Application Management with Appstream

Centralized App Management

Simplify the way you install applications and updates by giving your users access to applications online, on-demand. Manage your applications centrally to avoid delays and downtime.

Faster Applications in Three Phases

We understand that moving to SaaS might get a little jarring. This is why we’ve taken a three-pronged approach to make the process simple and seamless. Here’s what you get on the journey.


Register for the half-day executive briefing to learn about Amazon AppStream 2.0 features, use cases, cost benefits, implementation and a high-level migration plan from experts.


Start migrating your desktop applications/ISV software workloads to AppStream 2.0 in just two-weeks, with our certified consulting teams that have expertise in SaaS applications, mobility, data integration, hands-on technical assets and migration incentives.


Continue your modernization journey by leveraging the power of AWS. Our SaaS competency teams in design and development will help you modernize your legacy monolithic applications into serverless micro-services architectures in 90-day digital transformation cycles.

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