Patch Management as-a-Service (PMaaS) – The Simpler Way to Minimize Threats

Taming the Raging Bull

2020 was a challenging year for businesses. With a jolt, companies had to go back to the blackboard to implement more robust continuity plans. The result—a prolonged system of remote work that kept the health safety intact for their employees but posed other, more formidable challenges. Why?
Because software and application vulnerabilities were still limited when employees were connected to secure networks in their offices. Once they began connecting remotely, from various locations on their own devices, this security went out the window— their home network did not have the same sophisticated security level as their office. Enter another challenge — managing the networks that several devices from different locations were being connected to. This exposed vulnerabilities and increased the possibility of high levels of security breaches and attack risks.
And it all happened too fast. In fact, the first three quarters of 2020 saw 2953 publicly reported breaches. And to think that remote working is on its way to becoming a permanent fix. Scary, right?
But business also did not back down. They began releasing patches and upgrades faster than ever before. In fact, Microsoft saw a 44% jump in the number of CVEs fixed just between January and April 2020, compared to the same period in 2019.
How does it help? Well, that’s what we’re here to talk about.

A Patch in Time Saves Nine

Well, patching your systems helps cut down vulnerabilities and prevent ransomware, something that sophisticated attackers have been using. But that being said, it could take anywhere from a few weeks to months, even with a dedicated workforce, for an organization to complete one patch cycle, especially when we look at the frequency of patch releases by various product vendors.
So what do businesses do? How do they ensure a consistent service and delivery within a prescribed SLA? How do they keep their endpoints (servers/desktops, etc…) secure? The answer — subscribing to a managed Patch Management service.

Benefits of Patch Management as-a-Service (PMaaS)

Patch Management as-a-Service Benefits
Our PMaaS solution allows a smooth patching management workflow with minimum intervention from security teams, while eliminating patch blind spots – all thanks to its ability to compare the installed patches and baseline. It helps you write custom scripts that can manage the custom patch management workflow from the initial stage until the very end. You can also complete the patching process on heterogeneous platforms while monitoring it real-time, with our “always-on” scanning feature.
What’s even better is that we offer the solution as-a-service so that you pay just for what you use.
PMaaS Automation
You may ask – is patching the best long-term solution to tackle with these security issues? Well, the biggest reason why you should be opting for it is because of what it offers from the get-go. Patching within the first 24 hours ensures that companies minimize the attack surface. But the rate at which vulnerabilities are disclosed, companies need to be on their feet with fixes every month. This is also where our automated PMaaS solution can do wonders.
With our managed service, your business can cut down the time it takes to fix these vulnerabilities and reduce the manual work put in by your IT teams. All the patch rollouts are tested before sending them to production without errors, allowing your business to minimize patch failure cycles and boost productivity. It will also allow you the flexibility to deploy resources on other business-critical issues.
With our expertise in policy-driven patch management with structured change management procedures, your business will also get predictive patching, seamless rollback plans, and system backups.
Simply put, it helps you to stay a step ahead of the attackers by fixing vulnerabilities faster, minimizing operational risks, and strengthening your security posture.
So what are you waiting for? Make your business safer today.
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