Deliver Insights Using Amazon QuickSight: Business Intelligence for Everyone

Every day decisions are made across your organization that impact your business. Providing access to the right information in the right moment empowers everyone to make the choices that push your company ahead.

In this webinar, we would like to introduce Amazon QuickSight, a cloud powered business intelligence service that lets you deliver easy-to-understand insights to all your employees in every corner of your offices, anywhere in the world. Amazon QuickSight connects to your data wherever it is, including native AWS sources, spreadsheets, big data sources and third-party databases both in the cloud and on-premises and transforms it into rich interactive dashboards giving users the freedom to visually explore and analyze information with blazing fast response times. Securely publish dashboards that can be accessed from anywhere including mobile devices email or directly embedded into your own applications.

Our event will help you understand how QuickSight can help you securely share, collaborate and publish business insights within your organization with ease.

You’ll hear:

  • About QuickSight, Amazon’s BI Service
  • Typical Amazon QuickSight Workflow
  • Connecting Your Data Sources
  • Preparing Your Data Sets
  • Visualizing and Analyzing Your Data
  • Advanced Usage of QuickSight
  • How the new QuickSight pay-per-session pricing is designed to make it cost


Shailesh Bhatt , Sr. Manager- Analytics, Cambridge Technology, Inc.
Zack Wyatt , Director Sales, Cambridge Technology, Inc.