Establishing a Streaming Platform – A Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Most organizations struggle with managing and maintaining an ever-growing spaghetti of ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) load in their data pipelines as more source and target systems get integrated. Confluent and Apache Kakfa helps in transforming into an event-driven organization and establish a standardized, secure, reliable and scalable streaming platform both on-premises and on the cloud.

Confluent Cloud is the easiest way to harness the performance of an event streaming platform. Organizations can employ the power and flexibility of replicating their on-premises data to Confluent Cloud on AWS and establish their multi-site, DR (Disaster Recovery) or Hybrid cloud streaming platform strategy.

You’ll hear:

  • How to leverage Apache Kafka and the Confluent Platform to build streaming data pipelines and applications on-premises and on AWS
  • The capabilities of Confluent Cloud
  • How to stream data from your on-premises Confluent Platform to Confluent Cloud on AWS to build a hybrid cloud data pipeline


Padmanava Debnath , Director Technology, Cambridge Technology, Inc.
Patrick Druley , Systems Engineer, Confluent, Inc.