Implementing Enterprise Apache Kafka platform to Enable Machine Learning

If you are an Enterprise Modernizing your legacy monolithic systems to support distributed, real-time event-driven architecture.

A key part of build such an architecture is the development of a universal event processing framework designed to accommodate transformation into an event-driven architecture (EDA).

Cambridge Technology has partnered with Confluent in helping enterprises to leverage the Apache Kafka platform to change their culture from batch processing to real-time stream processing.

You’ll hear:

  • How Apache Kafka Works
  • Integrating Apache Kafka Into Your Environment
  • Benefits of Stream Processing and Apache Kafka Use Cases
  • Apache Kafka Architecture & Fundamentals Explained
  • End-to-End Integration from the IoT Edge to Confluent Cloud
  • Leverage an event driven architecture for Machine Learning
  • Find hidden insights in event data


Nitin Tyagi, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, Cambridge Technology, Inc.
Peter Buckley, Sales, Cambridge Technology, Inc.