Intelligent Automation for Patch Management

The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures Details shows that over 16,000 vulnerabilities were identified in just the last year. If you’re a large enterprise with approximately majority of these vulnerabilities relevant to your systems, it might be alarming. Yet that data isn’t helpful in addressing the actual challenge. Regardless of the numbers, you need to resolve the underlying problem. And to do this, you need to align your best practices for patch management to close the gap on your vulnerable systems.

In this webinar we will cover the most important principles of patching and also cover a few resources you should know about. Auto-Discovery of the Whole Environment, Auto-remediation of Vulnerability scanning, Patch Governance Dashboard, Real-Time Patch Gap Analysis, Remediation Process Automation.

You’ll hear:

  • JetPatch: Overview & Basic Operation
  • JetPatch System Architecture
  • System Requirements/Sizing
  • Deployment Alternatives (cloud/on prem/etc/VA/RPM/Proxy)
  • Discovery Sources
  • Patching Workflow
  • Remediation plan


Adil Basha, Architect Cloud operations, Cambridge Technology, Inc.
Zack Wyatt, Director Sales, Cambridge Technology, Inc.