Accelerating Machine Learning and Innovation by Streaming IoT Data


A Fortune 500 consumer products company, which created nutritional products using data, wanted to make its results more accurate by leveraging machine learning and predictive analytics. For the company that had to keep data secure at all points, they needed a solution that helped them accelerate innovation while making sure that security was always a priority.

Their answer lied within streaming. We gave them a solution that streamed IoT Data on the Google Cloud Platform. The result?

  • Enterprise event streaming platform streaming over 2 million events every hour
  • A future-proof technology stack to ingest high ingress IoT data
  • Ability to react/respond to events in near real-time instead of waiting for data from batch processing
  • Accelerate machine learning initiatives

Read the case study highlights to find out how we created the platform, the technologies used, and how it helped the company.

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