Get Your Big Data Ready for Machine Learning with Data Engineering

Unify, Transform, and Simplify Big Data with Data Engineering Services

As data volumes, varieties, and velocity increase, the way businesses process, store, analyze, and stream them becomes critical. Data engineering services help businesses consume raw data and create a system to unify, transform, and store it.


Bridge the gap between data pipelines and analytics with a single source of truth by implementing and optimizing data lakes and data warehouses. Manage batch and continuous ingestion of structured and unstructured data with end-to-end data engineering solutions that accelerate time-to-value and reduce cost-of-quality.


Use data engineering services to operationalize AI and analytics. Enable data science solutions to cut costs, discover new revenue sources, and create fresh products.

Our Services

Data Advisory

Assess the performance of your data environments and legacy systems to create an implementation roadmap with our advisory workshops. Bring AI to your data platforms and choose the right technology with DataOps and Data Migration strategies. Seamlessly modernize data platforms to innovate faster with customized and highly available support.

Data Transformation

Leverage an agile integration approach with data lakes, data warehouses that bring structure to your data. Simplify workloads and optimize your data pipelines to give users timely and location-independent access to data with hybrid and multi-cloud strategies. Implement Hadoop and Spark environments supporting multiple technology vendors and platforms to update and transform your data lakes & data warehouses.

Data Potential

Unlock the full potential of your data with the right systems and tools to collect and understand your data better. Manage, store, and align your Meta Data and Master Data better with management solutions that simplify data pipelines. Use a single, self-service data catalog that frees up your data to make it ready for analytics.


Manage day-to-day data operations better with end-to-end model management, CI/CD, and monitoring. Simplify handling thousands of data pipelines, processing petabytes of data with ease. Accelerate deployment with a customized store for reusable features across different models. Boost visibility, pipeline traceability, Root Cause Analysis (RCA), and troubleshooting with centralized support and guidance from experts.


Leverage the full transformative power of AI, data, and analytics at scale by activating data and insights. Simplify high-complexity problems with fully configurable and extendable templates for deep learning, natural language processing, and CPU/GPU hardware selection. Ease model auto-tuning, live production A/B testing, streaming prediction, model life cycle management, multiple language support, composable ML Pipelines, continuous logging, CI/CD, and optimization with experts in the field.

Technologies We Use