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Become an AI-first cognitive business to accelerate business transformation, solving the most complex business challenges of cloud and digital journeys with our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning services. Get a competitive edge by embedding state-of-the-art AI solutions into your existing or new platforms, workloads, and infrastructure to unlock untapped opportunities and business value.

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Our technology services help businesses to establish a critical foundation for digital and AI transformation through strategic workshops and assessments, ready-to-deploy solutions, and RAD implementation cycles. Our expertise in a wide range of domains and industries, help businesses unlock value to stay ahead and relevant in a changing world.

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We are a global technology services company, recognized as a thought leader and innovator of cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning solutions. We help businesses capitalize on the latest technologies, from cloud to infrastructure, enabling simplicity and relevance in business transformation journeys.

Our Partners

Our partners are an extension of our team, enabling you to accomplish your digital transformation journey with a wide range of tools and technologies. We collaborate with proven industry leaders to build, innovate, and deliver market-leading products and services.

Ensuring High Availability and Security with Managed Services
A UK-based independent media house wanted to ensure their websites were always up and running. They wanted to fine-tune their databases, upgrade their performance and security, and optimize costs.

Given their products, it was critical to maintain high availability and security while being able to backup and recover data easily. Our Managed Services team figured out the issues and optimized the environment to maximize uptime. Find out how.
Bringing Scalability, Flexibility, and Faster Deployment with Managed Services
Marco Polo Securities (MPS) is a US-based broker-dealer, specializing in compliance access solutions for cross-border marketing and distribution of financial products. They wanted to monitor and optimize applications and infrastructures while cutting costs.

Our Managed Services team evaluated their existing IT infrastructure to help them streamline development and release processes, with 99.99% uptime for applications. Read the case study to find out how.
Accelerating Machine Learning and Innovation by Streaming IoT Data
This Fortune 500 multinational consumer products company used predictive biology and microbiome to monitor data from its connected devices to create products based on them. What they wanted was an easier way to process, store, and manage information.

With our partnership, they didn’t just build a unified platform for data ingestion and integration but also cut operational complexities. Read the case study to know more.
Business Agility, Efficiency and Scalability by Streaming Millions of Events an Hour
A US-based global leader for storage and information management services wanted to kickstart a large-scale digital transformation initiative across its Line of Business (LoB) offerings. They wanted to process and respond to real-time events faster by moving away from legacy IT systems.

With our highly-scalable messaging and streaming platform, they enhanced their customer experience and tracked user interaction in real-time. Read the complete case study to know more.