Redefining Infrastructure Managed Services with Intelligence

Infrastructures Made Secure, Efficient, and Flexible

Transform your infrastructures to meet tomorrow’s needs. Leverage cutting-edge solutions to make them efficient, reliable, flexible, and secure.


Give your infrastructures a boost with next-generation, intelligently managed services. Leverage the power of AI-based services for monitoring, cloud and database migration, DevOps, IoT monitoring, and disaster recovery to create a well-oiled, future-ready business.

Our Specializations

Our Always-On Services

Manage and Monitor

Manage your infrastructure on-premises, on-cloud, and hybrid environments round the clock. Use AI-driven operations, automation, and monitoring to break down siloes and perform seamlessly in accelerated IT environments. Use the power of anomaly detection to see areas of improvement and manage your resources better.

System Management

Get ready and expert support to manage your operating systems (OS) & virtual machines (VM). Leverage fresh installations, regular administration, upgrades, and performance-tuning operating systems and virtualization platforms to manage your systems better.

Database Management

Set up and maintain cluster (RAC, Data Guard) environments, data compression, and backup & recovery of the database with simplicity and ease. Update your databases to the latest versions, including upgrades, maintenance, performance tuning, and remote administration, with expert teams that understand your business needs.

Middleware Management

Boost your critical application stack’s performance by managing the deployments of your web, applications, identity, and message queue platforms better with technologies like Apache Tomcat, JBoss Application Server, IBM WebSphere Application Server, CA Site Minder, and OBIEE.

Backup Management

Automate the process of backing up and storing your server instance, database, and various logs while complying with your policies effortlessly. Meet your disaster recovery plans with SLA-driven restorations and disaster recovery drills.


Figure out whether your business is on the right track, adhering to compliance, and functioning within budgets with extensive reviews. Conduct regular internal and external audits to evaluate your control policies, costs, security patches, infrastructure costs, and policy compliance.

Five Pillars of a Perfect Cloud Approach

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