Outsystems Development

Application Development with OutSystems

Designing an app with a low-code platform involves all of the same planning and thought processes as developing by hand. When it’s time to start modeling, though, things get different, fast! Here is what a low-code platform should enable you to do (at a minimum).

Create Applications Using Visual Models

When creating an application in a low-code platform, the developer works in a graphical interface to visually model the application by dragging and dropping front-end UI components, business logic and functions, workflow and processes, and database tables and schemas. The same drag-and-drop approach applies regardless of the layer of the application you are building and regardless of the target platform and device.

Outsystems - Create Applications Using Visual Models

Worry-Free Application Deployment

Once the application is visually modeled, at the click of a button, the low-code platform uses intelligent automation to generate the application based on the provided model and then handles the deployment of applications to the selected environments. All application changes (to data models, logic, business processes, and screens) are taken care of by the platform, including making all the necessary updates and understanding dependencies between applications.

Worry Free Application Deployment With OutSystems

End-to-End App Management

After deployment, a well-designed low-code platform will also manage the application throughout its lifetime. This includes providing detailed application performance management with actionable alerts and historical performance trending.

Application Management With OutSystems

The Truth About Low-Code

In case you have any preconceived notions about low-code, it’s time to dispel them. You might have heard that it will replace human coders, that it’s programming light, and that it’s picture-based programming. Here’s the real scoop.

Enterprise Development Is Included

In years past, low-code was synonymous with mobile and web app development. Today, industry analysts like Gartner and Forrester recognize leaders in low-code as offering an enterprise-class development platform that meets up to 80 percent of enterprise development needs. As new functionality and features such as AI-assisted development add to low-code’s feature-set, look for that number to move closer to 100 percent.

Enterprise development using OutSystems low code platform

Low-Code Was Designed for Human Coders

Low-code development enhances skills developers already have. Their business logic, expertise, and knowledge of their industry all work together with low-code development to make developers faster than ever before.

Outsystems For Human Coders

The Visual Models Are Composed of Real Code and Logic

In as much as the models in the visual editor are represented as images, yes, there are pictures involved. But those images are self-contained modules of code and logic. Rather than typing (and retyping) the same code over and over, just drag and drop. Visual-based development yields the same results, but more intuitively and faster, without typos!

OutSystems Visual Models


  • Advisory

    At Cambridge Technology, we offer Low-Code development advisory workshops for those who are interested in adopting this cutting edge hybrid mobile application development platform.

    Our advisory workshops include:
    Collaborative sessions that allows us to go over your business objectives, pain points, and mobile development

    • Assessment of your current stage of mobility platform
    • Assessment of existing tools and processes
    • Assist you in creating a business value proposition for adopting low-code platform practise
    • The roadmap and framework you need to low-code platform implementation
    • A blueprint tailored to your specific needs regarding Low-code tools, practices, and processes with emphasis on OutSystems platform.
  • Implementation

    Once you have your blueprint and strategy in place, Cambridge Technology can help you with OutSystems platform implementation.

    We’ll help you to embrace OutSystems platform and reap its benefit without compromising on standards and quality. Other aspects of our implementation services include:
    • Development and Support adoption management
    • Implementation of best practices for your OutSystems practise
    • Establishment of development processes and tools, either on premise or in the cloud
  • Support

    Cambridge Technology’s certified support team can support your new installations, ongoing development and production support.

    With CT’s OutSystems support services, your organization will have access to:
    • Platform Server Management
    • Lifecycle Management
    • Platform Upgrade and patching
    • Configuration management
    • 24X7 Orchestration and monitoring of your platform
    • User behavior and Platform analytics.