Accelerate Enterprise Evolution, Innovation, and Discovery With Machine Learning

Machine Learning Services for Unparalleled Business Transformation

AI and machine learning services are helping organizations surmount manual data entry, automation, data intelligence, customer acquisition & retention, and predictive maintenance. AI-driven services are also leading ground-breaking innovation to open new sources for product development and revenue generation across industries the world over.


Becoming an AI-first business ensures you get ahead of the competition and become a leader in your industry. Cambridge technology leverages best-in-class machine learning and AI tools to help facilitate remarkable business transformation.


Discover the vast opportunity of creating new revenue pipelines and derive meaningful outcomes based on your unique requirements, data sets, and use cases with our strategic workshops on Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS).

Our Services

  • AI Advisory
    DevOps Services
    AI Advisory

    Begin your AI journey by identifying ML opportunities focused on your business goals in our advisory workshop.

    Discuss high-impact, low-risk machine learning business use cases through our workshop involving key stakeholders and leadership teams. Develop a roadmap for AI and create an industry-specific blueprint for AI implementations within a stipulated timeframe.  

  • AI Solutions
    DevOps Services
    AI Solutions

    Propel business transformation by building cutting-edge solutions with vast stable of the AI spectrum.

    Build custom-AI solutions like chatbots, personalization, voice-enabled apps to capture business opportunities. Tackle challenges like detecting fraud and avoiding capital-intensive and industry-critical equipment failure with rich AI model developments. Get assistance and investments to develop shared or proprietary IP while implementing practical use cases that generate actual value and business impact.
  • AI as-a-Service (AIaaS)
    DevOps Services
    AI as-a-Service (AIaaS)

    AIaaS is an intelligent option for implementing critical AI projects to help you focus on the core part of your business cost-effectively.

    Use cognitive computing APIs to augment your existing products and infuse AI capabilities in them with technologies such as NLP, deep learning, computer vision, and more. AIaaS enables businesses to publish AI capabilities within services and solutions across the organization for various enterprise applications to leverage the power of AI.  

Machine Learning Workflow For Success

Use Cases

  • Intelligent Contact Center
  • Personalization
  • Intelligent Document Processing
  • Fraud Detection
  • Business Forecasting
  • Lead Generation for New Construction Using Satellite Images
  • Crop Yield Forecasting Using Satellite Images and Deep Learning
  • Finance Oriented Estimations of Sales and Inventory
  • Medical Policy Predictions
  • Calculating ROI of Advertising
  • Customer Retention & Churn
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Consumer Purchase Recommendations