IoT Services

Bring Intelligence to Connected Devices.
Unleash The Power of IoT with AI.

Intelligent IoT Services, Crafted For Excellence

Kickstart your journey with services that process IoT data faster to get real-time, AI-driven analytics, and drive home business value. Gain simplified integrations and management that redefine your customer experiences to meet tomorrow’s needs better.

Cut wastage, costs and the time taken to complete a manufacturing cycle with Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions, architected to help you turn your quality up a notch. Simplify your operations and get more visibility into it, with intelligent IIoT solutions that help harness the value you need from the data collated.

IoT Product Design

IoT products are not easy to develop—given their complexity with multiple layers at play. With our team of experts who live and breathe IoT product designs, we can help you create the perfect, technologically-sound products that are easy to use and enhance user experience. From integrations to software, we’ll take care of it all, while you can focus on business-critical matters.

Industrial IoT Services and Development - Product Design

Firmware Engineering

Bring the smart in your smart devices with firmware engineering that captures the blend of electrical engineering and programming perfectly. Create devices that perform just as you need with microprocessors that keep glitches or bugs away. Strengthen your IoT devices with the right integrations that help you maintain them easily, while sticking to industry best practices.

Industrial IoT Services and Development - Firmware Engineering

IoT Development Services

Implement the right IoT technology stack with our IoT Development Services that help you make faster decisions. Boost your operational efficiency and visibility by integrating applications, devices and clouds easily and create the hyperconnected infrastructure you need to become the business of tomorrow.

IoT Development Services

IoT Analytics

Data is only good till it’s processed and used to resolve business challenges. And with IoT devices collating abundant data, you need strong analytics to derive value out of it. That’s what our IoT Analytics help you with. Make faster decisions based on insights and steer your business in the right direction.

Industrial IoT Services and Development - IoT Analytics

IoT Data Pipeline

Never worry about your data not reaching the right endpoint or analytics with our IoT Data Pipeline services that make seamlessness a norm. Simplify ingestion, integration, processing and storage with experts on data storage, processing AI and machine Learning. Move and analyze data without hassles and leverage the intelligence to make faster, more accurate decisions.

IoT Data Pipeline - Industrial IoT Services and Development

Key Differentiators

  • Use of streaming architecture to ensure IoT scalability
  • Integrations with your existing enterprise platforms
  • Cloud-powered mobile apps
  • Full-Service IoT development services
  • Focus on IoT security and product certifications

Proof Of Value

See it before you get into it. Get a holistic proof of value from our experts before you get started with a service to figure out how it would fit in your business strategy. Connect with us and we’ll get started with creating a tailor-made plan that fits your business like a glove.

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