Take the AI-First Approach to Become the Business of Tomorrow

Transform Your Business with AI Innovation

Stay ahead of the competition in a fast-changing world by simplifying, modernizing, and automating business processes. Bring transparency, visibility, and value by boosting customer experiences with Machine Learning (ML) and data-backed personalization. Make platforms and applications faster by embedding business intelligence and enabling them with AI.


Take an AI-first approach for engagements through various consumption models and hybrid multi-cloud infrastructures. Leverage AIaaS models at the core of your platform architecture to accelerate AI journeys.


Build, deploy, and configure solutions faster with pre-built and pre-integrated AI solutions and ML models. Improve process automation, anomaly detection, and data-driven insights more efficiently and cost-effectively with AI services.

Enable AI into Applications with RAD

A major challenge in undertaking an AI journey is to incorporate AI into existing applications and solutions. Often developing new apps and solutions with AI capabilities results in complex projects, which at times fail to bring in positive results.


Our Rapid Application Development (RAD) service makes it easy not just to create new AI-powered applications and solutions but also to seamlessly integrate AI into the existing ones. We help businesses leap to the future by supercharging co-innovation with RAD implementation cycles that accelerate deployment. We enable companies to stay ahead of the competition and time to market with unique Intellectual Property (IP) solutions, be it for specific domains or across verticals.

How AI Helps You Grow

Putting AI to work across your business

Every industry is witnessing data disruption. And, as businesses across industries progress on their digital transformation journey, they can unlock the untapped potential of this data by putting it to good use. Our services help businesses in every industry accelerate transformation by assisting them to utilize the information they have in the right way.

Putting AI To Work - AI Business Solutions


Make Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) processes efficient, productive, and innovative with an AI-powered architecture that gives real-time information. Cut the time taken for deployment and reduce errors to grow your business. Leverage AI, deep learning, visual inspection development, and deployment to see how effective models are—be it a single application or as part of a hybrid solution.

  • Efficiency Improvement
  • Assembly Inspection/Validation
  • Complex Defect Detection
  • Process Monitoring and Yield Improvement
AI Solutions - Manufacturing


Banking and insurance companies have improved customer service automation, claim processing, underwriting, and fraud prediction immensely by implementing AI and ML technologies. Bridge the information and data gap in the financial lifecycle to provide better value and customer experience to banks, agents, hospitals, and insurers.

  • Risk Monitoring and Mitigation
  • Document and Asset Management
  • Smart Chatbots
  • Personalized Products
  • Fraud Detection
AI Solution - Insurance and Banking

Logistics and Transportation

Implementation of AI in the logistics and transportation industry helps achieve and maintain a competitive edge. With the massive amounts of data flowing from various IoT sensors, suppliers, customers, fleets, and more, the logistics and transportation industry is the ideal one that can benefit from AI-based automation and process simplifications.

  • Demand Forecasting & Pricing
  • Route Planning with Predictive Analytics
  • Warehouse Automation
  • Shipment Tracking
AI Solution - Logistics and Transportation

Energy (Utility, Oil, and Gas)

Assess the value of resources in various locations, geology, and risks involved with AI Services for the energy industry. Optimize downstream operations, explorations, and productions while minimizing costs and maximizing spreads. Forecast and predict total recoverable reserve volumes, production, long-term commodity input, product market price, customer demand, and drilling activity.

  • Bidding Strategies for Lease Blocks Based on Market Behaviors
  • Capital Planning, Risk Evaluation, Commodity Trading, and Hedging Strategies
  • Customer Demand Forecasts
  • Back-Office and Invoicing/Billing Process Enhancement

Consumer Goods

Leverage the power of AI and ML models to see customer behaviors and derive insights from the data. Boost customer experiences, increase customer loyalty, and retention by giving customers a seamless omnichannel experience.

  • Sales Forecasting and Targeting
  • Personalization
  • Supply Forecasting
  • Supply Chain Route Optimization
AI Solution - Energy, Utility, Oil and Gas)


From recognizing inefficiencies in life sciences R&D to accelerating the innovation of new drugs, AI plays a huge role in advancing the life sciences sector. Leverage AI for genomic data that helps in targeted drug discovery and personalized medicine. Fast track analyses for large datasets, reduce experimental errors, and limit sample wastage to cut costs and accelerate drug development.

  • Simplified Medical and Pharmaceutical Documentation
  • Personalized Medicine
  • Cost Optimization
  • Accuracy in Detection and Diagnosis
AI Solution - Consumer Goods

Data Management

With the volume of digital data and assets increasing, so does the need to manage and organize them well. Understand the value of your data and extract insights from it efficiently or mine information from documents that may have been considered unrecoverable.

  • Digitizing Existing Physical Content
  • Data Classification and Metadata Indexing
  • Visualization for User Interface
  • Unlocking Value from More Types of Information and Data
AI Business Solutions