Data & Analytics Series: Build Streaming Pipelines on AWS to Modernize Data Strategy


Looking to take up digital transformation efforts and break down siloes in 2023? Your business can make that a reality by bringing siloed operations under one common IT umbrella.

For systematic and streamlined operations, businesses must track success parameters by enabling real-time data flows across supply chains, logistics, and billing systems. Although data pipelines do most of the heavy lifting by integrating, transforming, and preparing data for subsequent use in downstream systems, they haven’t fundamentally evolved in the past few decades.

This webinar will share insights on how streaming data can modernize data flows against batch processing of data. You will also learn about building data-driven apps and managing complex back-end systems by leveraging Amazon Managed Kafka Services and Amazon Kinesis. You will also understand how to build your data streaming pipelines to push data to multiple downstream systems, including various AWS Databases.

You’ll hear about the following:

  • Modernizing Your Data Strategy
  • Event Streaming Platforms on AWS
  • Building Data Pipelines on AWS
  • AWS Databases and Services
  • Overview of Amazon MSK & Amazon Kinesis
  • Use Cases & Benefits

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Padmanava Debnath

Director - Technology,
Cambridge Technology Inc.

Zack Wyatt

Director- Customer Success,
Cambridge Technology Inc.

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