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Bring the power of now to your enterprise applications with Apache Kafka.

Innovate, Modernize and Simplify Apache Kafka with Amazon MSK

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Apache Kafka brought magic to businesses with its open-source platform that let businesses build real-time streaming data pipelines and applications quickly. But with Kafka workloads increasing, your business needs a simple way to manage, run and modernize applications on it.


Enter Amazon MSK, a fully managed service that streamlines your applications and simplifies your entire Kafka workload.


Bring the power of now to your business with our Kafka Migration Program to move to MSK easily. Take your efficiency a notch higher with our application modernisation, real-time analytics and operational insights.

Amazon MSK

Amazon MSK: Behind the Scenes

Streamlining. That’s where the heart of Amazon MSK lies. As your Apache Kafka clusters get collated, MSK amplifies its efficiency and streamlines them better. Here’s how it helps.

Amazon MSK for Cloud-Native Event Streaming Solutions
Amazon MSK - Deliver Real Time Customer experience

Deliver New, Real-Time Customer Experiences

We know time is precious, especially for your developers. Free their time that’s being drained on infrastructure management to help them innovate and deliver better customer experiences, all in real-time.

Say Goodbye to Monolithic Structures

Simplify complex Apache Kafka clusters. We’ll break down your monolithic apps to smaller, loosely-coupled microservices to instil agility and flexibility at your core.

Amazon MSK - Simplify Complex Kafka Clusters

No More Data Losses

We know how frustrating data losses are. And to save you the hassle, our solution replicates data and auto-balances itself, so that you don’t lose that precious information. It also holds onto messages on disks, enabling intra-cluster replication, bringing that perfect disaster recovery strategy.

Efficiently Managed Petabyte Scale

We know how jarring working at a Petabyte scale can get. We also understand the toll it can take on your scalability and accessing the data real time. This is where our way of using disk structures can help. It will help you in accessing, storing and managing the data instantly, keeping your performance at an all-time high.

Amazon MSK - No Data Loss

Scale As You Want

Scaling Kafka clusters can be tricky. Size them right as you need, when you need, without affecting your cluster and broker availability. Reassign partitions to new brokers with a specialized tool, crafted to bring you agility without downtime.

Immense Cost Savings and Internal Efficiencies

Make your processes more efficient and cut your Total Cost of Operations by 40% with AWS MSK, as compared to self-managed Kafka. The pay-as-you-go model for your broker instance usage and storage will help you stick to your budgets like never before.

Amazon MSK - Efficiently Managed Petabyte Scale
Kafka with Amazon MSK - Scale as You Want

Migration, Simplified

Migrate or mirror your on-premises Apache Kafka clusters easily to AWS MSK with a lift-and-shift method that doesn’t change a thing in your application code.

3 Steps to Better Apache Kafka

Get started with your Amazon MSK migration in three simple steps, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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