Understanding AIOps and what it means for you

Sep 28, 2020

AIOps merges machine learning algorithms and data science with IT operations to render established, proactive, and automated remediation capabilities. AIOps equips IT operations teams to deliver high-quality software services and superior customer experience.

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Time Series Forecasting and Machine Learning

Jun 12, 2020

The ability to build predictability in business models provides businesses incredible differentiator. Time series forecasting using machine learning, which is an evolutionary model that is contributing in a small way to making reliable predictions, is realizing this distant possibility slowly.

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E-Commerce and Growing Need for Personalization

Mar 01, 2020

Personalization has altered the way of online shopping experience. This practice is keenly used by the online retailers to create personal interactions and experience with its customers on e-commerce sites. Using personalization, the retailers dynamically show contents, recommend products depending on the consumer’s browsing behavior, purchase history, psychographics and demographics. This demographic-based approach to personalization helps for customer segmentation and showcase the most relevant products in their shopping account. As the practice of E-commerce personalization has evolved in the world of online shopping — it’s time for the small business and online brands to get evolved along with it too.

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