Remediate Vulnerabilities Faster & Minimize Cybersecurity Risks

End-to-end intelligent Patch Management as-a-Service to make businesses safer and efficient.

An IDG report says that 29% of the security incidents involved unpatched software vulnerabilities. Meanwhile, in enterprise-level organizations, 34% of the security incidents stemmed from misconfigured services or systems.

If this data scared you, then you must be considering releasing more patches and upgrades. But let’s get real – it might take anywhere from a few weeks to months, even with a dedicated workforce, to complete a single patch cycle.

This is where our intelligent end-to-end Patch Management as-a-Service (PMaaS) can help. It will save immense time and effort, while cutting costs for your business.

Download this brochure and learn everything about our PMaaS solution that can make your business stronger, safer and more efficient.

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