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Intelligent IoT Services, Crafted for Excellence

Want to unlock hidden new revenue streams for your business using Internet of Things (IoT)? Or get a formula for better operational efficiency? Well, your IoT devices hold the key to it. You just need to unleash their power and we can help as your preferred technology partner.
Make us a part of your IoT journey and we will take you to the next level with our custom, Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) services that increase ROI visibility. Drive home business value with real-time, AI-driven analytics, third party integrations and enterprise data management.
Together, we can avoid wastage, excess costs and optimize your time-to-market cycle with end-to-end solutions – be it for IoT or Industrial IoT (IIoT).

Our Service Offerings

IoT Product Design

Smarter products for intelligent results

Create technologically-sound products with cutting-edge solutions for your hardware, software, and firmware. Bring in a holistic approach to manage your entire product lifecycle with guidance from our experts and partners to boost customer experience, backed by intelligence. Engage us with a Proof of Value.

IoT Services - Product Design

Firmware Engineering

Perfectly blended hardware and software

Make your devices smarter with our embedded software development. Enhance your existing product features or roll-out new products easily with the right integrations to maintain your devices better with industry best practices.

IoT Services - Firmware Engineering

IoT Development Services

The right stack for the right connections

Strengthen your customer applications and backend operation systems with mobility and connectivity. Build near real-time IoT systems, mobile applications that communicate with your device via BLE or WiFi Direct or leverage the power of 5G.

Industrial IoT Development Services


Faster and accurate decisions, driven by data

Leverage intelligent algorithms that use the data you collate and add a twist of machine learning to it. Transverse AIoT data seamlessly to get better and accurate real-time insights that can help you steer your business in the right direction.

Industrial IoT Machine Learning

IoT Data Pipeline

Transition data to the right place, at the right time

Use our IoT Data Pipeline services and never worry about your data not reaching the right endpoint. Get leading cloud data solutions customized and implemented for areas like data lakes, warehouses and integration processes. Harness the power of cloud to make data orchestration and analysis hassle-free, with applied business intelligence.

IoT Data Pipeline

What Makes
Us Different

Pick from a variety of end-to-end IoT development services

Simplify scalability and security of IoT implementation

Integrate platforms and applications easily

Design cloud-powered, user-centric mobile apps

Get expert assistance for relevant product certifications

Industries We
Cater To

Banking & Financial ServiceBanking & Financial Service
IoT for Smart ManufacturingSmart Manufacturing
IoT for TransportTransport
Iot for Smart Energy and UtilitySmart Energy & Utility
Iot for Consumer ElectronicsConsumer Electronics
IoT for Health CareHealth Care
Oil and GasOil and Gas

Proof of Value

See it before you buy it. Get a holistic Proof of Value from our experts before you get started with a service to figure out how it would fit into your business strategy. Connect with us and we’ll get started with creating a tailor-made plan, just for you.


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