AIs in the Sky: Concepts and Use Cases for Business Impact Using Satellite Images

Radical reductions in the cost of launching satellites with sophisticated multispectral imaging technologies, coupled with advances in elastic computing and AI, has opened up exciting new possibilities. A wide variety of new applications for business impact are now possible, in areas ranging from agriculture, to quantitative finance, to lead generation. We discuss challenges and opportunities through our experiences.

You’ll hear:

  • An overview of the state of the satellite imaging industry for business applications
  • What kinds of satellite data sources are available for real business applications
  • What kinds of data infrastructures and processing pipelines are available and well-suited to various kinds of data sources and business applications
  • Examples of how satellite imagery is used to real-life examples related to agriculture, quantitative finance, and lead generation
  • Introduction to AWS Machine Learning platform and AWS Ground Station with use cases


Dr. Rajan Lukose, Chief Data Scientist, Cambridge Technology, Inc.
Nitin Tyagi, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, Cambridge Technology, Inc.