Run and Manage Your Containers with AWS ECS

If you are a software product vendor or a SaaS provider running or planning to run your applications/products on containers and planning to use Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), you will have lot of questions to ask on how to run, scale, and secure Docker container applications on AWS without the burden of managing servers or operating systems? In this webinar, we have covered some most important and mandatory areas to be focused for building a cloud infrastructure with AWS ECS that’s aligned with your container requirements. Our event will help you understand which practices and different AWS products you should use to run and manage your containers in AWS.

You’ll hear:

  • An Introduction to AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS)
  • How ECS helps you to manage your containers
  • Choose AWS ECS Fargate or ECS EC2 cluster?
  • Role of Elastic Container Registry (ECR)
  • Integration with different AWS services
  • ECS Best Practices
  • Case Study


Anil Dhotre, Senior Manager – Delivery, Cambridge Technology