See what tomorrow holds for your business with Amazon Forecast

Get ML to help you with optimizations and accurate planning with Amazon Forecast.

Forecasts are a necessity for businesses preparing for tomorrow. From product demand, workforce planning, and computing cloud infrastructure usage, etc., you need to know how to plan your resources time, and effort. And yes, machine learning (ML) can help businesses make it better.

But, let’s be honest — creating ML models is not an easy task. For businesses that want to create accurate forecasts, the entire process can seem like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Until you get started with Amazon Forecast.

This fully-managed service uses machine learning to create 50% more accurate forecasts for your business, including multiple types of time series forecasts. The best part — you don’t even need any prior experience in machine learning. You’ll get all your models and reports, customized to your data, in just a few hours.

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