Hybrid Cloud Management at Scale Using AWS Systems Manager


AWS Systems Manager centralizes operational data from multiple AWS services and automates tasks across AWS resources. Many enterprises often bring their traditional on-premises toolset to manage their cloud and hybrid environments; however, managing cloud and hybrid environments using a traditional toolset is complex and costly. Our experience has shown us that traditional IT toolsets not built for cloud scale infrastructure, will ultimately fail. AWS Systems Manager provides the visibility and control of your infrastructure on AWS and on-premises. AWS Systems Manager also provides an integrated user interface allowing you to view operational data from multiple AWS services, including on-premises data centers, which permits you to automate operational tasks across your Hybrid Cloud environment.

You’ll hear:

  • Introduction to AWS Systems Manager
  • How to securely connect and automate infrastructure tasks
  • How to manage Inventory and patch management across hybrid cloud
  • How to maintain system state and compliance with insight reports
  • Live Demo : Capabilities, Dashboards and User Interface

Shakeel Ahmed

Head- Cloud Operations,
Cambridge Technology, Inc.

Peter Buckley

Vice President , Sales,
Cambridge Technology, Inc.

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