5 Ways Cloud Streamlines Your Business Processes

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Cloud is fast, becoming the new normal. Over the past few years, there have been impressive increase in cloud adoption, for the obvious reasons; higher productivity, minimal costs and greater control over business processes. Despite huge adoption, organizations fail to understand how to better streamline the business processes. The trick is using cloud to its full potential. Businesses can look to streamline their business processes using cloud by ensuring seamless flow of information, maintaining data security, enhancing storage capability, enabling real-time access and providing combined modification.

Organization’s information is spread across departments, hierarchies and geographies. It is vital to maintain inter-connectivity among all these peripherals. Ensure your cloud provides seamless flow of information across these peripherals. This transparency needless to say will save huge efforts, costs, thereby assisting the business leaders to make rightful decisions at the right time, helping your business get an edge over others. Security is one of the prime focal points for organizations that deals with huge amounts of data including sensitive and critical information.

The chosen cloud provider should be configured in such a manner that, it ensures data protection and proper user authentication. For ensuring confidentiality of encrypted data that resides on cloud provider’s storage servers, client should own and manage the data encryption keys. In addition, make sure your cloud provider has a contingency plan. A comprehensive security assessment from a neutral third-party is strongly recommended as well.

The amount of data enterprises generate is huge and at the same time expanding. Storage scalability is becoming a major issue. Preferred solution is to avail backend-as-a-service (BaaS) that removes the burden of operating distributed databases while providing seamless scalability. In addition to that, configure your cloud for Automated Storage Scaling, for it enables limitless amount of data to be stored in cloud as per requirements. Though many companies have started to centralize their data, yet the real-time access is either not accurate or is in the stage of improper functionality.

The chosen cloud solution should be configured in a way to integrate the data in a manner, in which the information is made available, timely. Furthermore, devise a real-time notification framework where one can get notifications in case of an update through emails or messages. This will improve productivity and reduce errors. It is true that individually one can reach and alter information regardless of locations, but the problem lies when more than one individual turns to a group. Ensure your cloud enables real time access to more than one user, so collectively inputs can be shared and analyzed along with version control.

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