Top Six AI Trends in 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been everywhere over the past few years. From businesses experimenting with more AI models to deploying solutions and implementing strategies that enable AI-based transformations, it has become a core business function across industries. 

2023 will be no different. With a massive ingest of burgeoning AI capabilities, we can expect businesses to focus on deriving value from AI to boost efficiencies across business functions. But among all the developments, a few use cases have taken center stage to become trends this year.

Here are the top six AI trends that will rule the charts in 2023. Find out which ones your business can leverage.

Process Discovery

There was a time when process mining was in vogue. Organizations evaluated business process events by observing what happens when people engage with various things in various ways. In the coming year, though, we can expect the evolved stage of process mining to take center stage.

The process is expected to soar in costs, and businesses will need expert guidance for strategy and management of data. This is why maximizing data value while bringing solutions to optimize the costs in the process will take center stage in 2023. We expect to see data engineering teams trying to increase savings, revenues, and finding ways to monetize data while increasing efficiency and boosting customer value.

AI Trend 1 – Process Discovery

Benefits of Process Discovery:

  • Improved quality and performance
  • Visibility
  • Fewer risks
  • Cost efficiency
  • Improved scalability
  • Maximized ROI
AI Trend 2 – Democratization of AI

Democratization of AI

In 2023, organizations will look to catapult AI to a broader audience, known as the democratization of AI. AI teams will be putting AI solutions together faster, including data scientists, engineers, and developers. The pinnacle of the democratization of AI will be to put forward digital ethics.

AI will be meeting varied people and cultures in a friendly way with systems of values and moral principles. Responsible AI will drive industrialized AI platforms and AI governance. Industrialized AI will also accelerate and automate AI development to make it accessible to the masses.

The democratization of AI will mean that experts will not solely represent AI. It will increasingly be within reach of users with various roles, different skill sets, and various levels of creativity and insight.

Large Language Models

A massive influx of interactions continues to prevail on the internet, making it difficult for organizations to cope. 2023 will see mega deployments of large language models (LLMs) to counter ingress data from social media, e-commerce, food aggregators, etc.

LLMs are based on machine learning principles where algorithms recognize, predict and generate human languages based on data sets that are large-text based. Statistical Language Models, Neural Language Models, Speech Recognition, Machine Translation, Sentiment Analysis, and Text Suggestions are some models leveraged in LLMs. Science and society are set to transform with the advent of LLMs in league with AI. With this AI prediction, future models won’t just reflect data; they will reflect on chosen values of people.

AI Trend 3 – Large Language Models
AI Trend 4 – Better Autonomous Systems

Better Autonomous Systems

Autonomous technology has made a breakthrough in fields like healthcare, agriculture, automobiles, oil & gas, etc. 2023 will be no different as researchers will continue to focus on further enhancing autonomous technologies.

Next-gen autonomous systems powered by AI will revolve around the avenues of drone research, independent exploration, and bio-inspired systems. Scientists will concentrate on developing technologies ranging from prosthetic legs that leverage machine learning to automatically adjust to the wearer’s gait to a flying, self-driving ambulances.

In 2023, the goal will be to test autonomous systems in real-world conditions against testing them for success inside a lab.

Augmented Working

In 2023, many of us will work alongside AI-powered machines explicitly built to do our jobs better and more effectively. This could be in the form of handsets that give us instant access to data and analytics capabilities. It could also mean access to augmented reality (AR) headsets that overlay digital information in front of us with no resemblance to our surroundings.

In certain use cases, augmented working can help us prioritize our own safety, such as indicating a live wire or identifying if a nearby object is unsafe to come in contact with. Stakeholders will have near-instant updates on overall operational effectiveness by accessing real-time dashboards. AI-powered virtual assistants will emerge as handymen in helping us answer questions or suggest alternatives to the problems at hand. Overall, in 2023 we need to develop the all-important skill of working with AI-powered systems.

AI Trend 5 – Augmented Working
AI Trend 6 – Sustainable AI

Sustainable AI

Every organization is looking to reduce its carbon footprint and minimize its negative environmental impact. From this perspective, AI can be a double-edged sword. The infrastructure required to run AI, such as the cloud or edge computing, requires mounting power and resources.

To cite an example, a single-deep learning model has the potential to emit 284,000 kilos of CO2. On the other hand, the same technology can also determine ways and methods to reduce carbon footprint. Organizations will look to employ more green and renewable energy sources to deliver on the promise of sustainable AI. AI has the capacity to live up to its potential in the operations of various other industries. Computer vision, when combined with satellite imagery, has the potential to detect illegal deforestation and fishing, in turn helping preserve biodiversity.

2023 will see AI solving complex problems affecting planet earth rather than focusing on corporate profits.

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