Ingest, Visualize, and Analyze Website Clickstream Data to Gain Business Insights

Gain Accurate Business Insights From Your Websites and Applications With Amazon Clickstream

Websites and applications form the forefront for the digital enterprise as a singular source where consumers interact with the business. Many users perform a plethora of actions and activities that need analysis to gain business insights into the behavior of users. However, how do businesses process millions of clicks happening at velocity and scale every day and manually?

Amazon Clickstream automates and simplifies this process for businesses by collecting and analyzing user activity on their digital assets. It can deliver accurate data sets that help organizations understand user behavior, which allows them to plan and provide components that users desire. Partner with us to gain the advantage of end-to-end analysis by integrating Clickstream in your digital repositories.

Clickstream Analytics Solution on AWS


This Quick Start builds a clickstream analytics solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in about 30 minutes. It integrates AWS services such as Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES), Amazon Redshift, and Amazon QuickSight. The clickstream analytics solution provides:

  • Streaming data ingestion, which can process millions of website clicks (clickstream data) a day from global websites.
  • Near real-time visualizations of web usage metrics such as events per hour, visitor count, and referrers.
  • Ability to build a recommendation engine with Amazon Redshift application programming interfaces (APIs).
  • Ability to publish your website clickstream data to Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon ES.
  • Analysis and visualizations of your clickstream data by using Kibana (an open-source tool that’s included with Amazon ES) and Amazon QuickSight.

This Quick Start is for users who want to get started with AWS-native components for clickstream analytics on AWS. Once this foundational layer is in place, you can use it to ingest, analyze, and generate business insights from your websites’ clickstream data.

How Clickstream analysis works

ClickStream Analytics solution
Amazon Clickstream FAQs

Users partake in various activities when navigating your company’s website or mobile application(s), such as visiting pages, clicking buttons, and performing searches. Specific information about such user activities is known as Clickstream data.

Clickstream is a managed service by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allows you to capture, process, and analyze Clickstream data from websites and mobile apps in real time. It is an umbrella term that leverages a varied stack of other technologies from AWS to perform this function.

Clickstream Analytics on AWS automates and simplifies deriving insights from millions of clicks happening at velocity and scale. It integrates into digital repositories to help collect and analyze user activity on digital assets to deliver accurate data sets, understand user behavior, and plan components based on that data.

Clickstream events work as small pieces of data generated with user actions coming in at high speed and volume.
A user’s start and end period on a website or a mobile app can be classified as an event from which sessions are to be identified and created, known as sessionization. When you run sessionization on Clickstream data, you identify events and assign them to a session with a specified key and lag period. After each event has a key, you can perform analytics on them. Amazon Kinesis helps ingest this data in real time, providing statistics immediately.
To conduct sessionization in batches, businesses can use solutions like Amazon Glue and Amazon EMR. With large data sets, businesses can use Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics. Businesses can also use AWS Lambda functions, including shorter sessions and endpoints that work with machine learning.

Some of the use cases of Clickstream in AWS are:
• Website analytics
• User behavior analysis
• Personalization
• User interaction on an organization’s digital repositories
• Identifying trends and patterns
• Data-driven decisions
• Improving user engagement and conversion rates

Businesses can update recommendations, perform advanced A/B testing, targeted marketing campaigns, and push notifications with Clickstream on AWS to understand customer preferences better and improve user experience.
It helps businesses see popular products and services, how customers interact with a site, and identify trends and patterns. It also helps identify problem areas on customers’ sites, see competitors’ performance, and improve them with data-backed predictions and insights.
Some other benefits that Clickstream provides are real-time data processing, ease of use, scalability, and seamless integration with third-party apps.

The pricing depends on the amount of data ingested and the number of destinations used. You can use the AWS Clickstream pricing calculator to estimate your costs.

Each business is unique, and its requirements are different.
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