Apache Kafka – Why enterprises need to migrate to platforms that support Event Driven Architecture?

If you are in Enterprise Modernizing your legacy monolithic systems to support distributed, there is an urgent need to implement real-time event-driven systems.
A key part to build such an architecture is the development of a universal event processing framework designed to accommodate transformation into an event-driven architecture (EDA).

Cambridge Technology has been helping enterprises implement Apache Kafka platform to change their culture from batch processing to real-time event based stream processing for their operational systems including IOT platforms , Mobility and social media streaming.

You’ll hear:

  • How Apache Kafka Works
  • Integrating Apache Kafka Into Your Environment
  • Understand end-to-end use cases from different industries where you integrate IoT devices with enterprise IT using open source technologies and standards
  • See how Apache Kafka enables bidirectional end-to-end integration processing from IoT data to various backend applications in the cloud
  • Benefits of Confluent Cloud, which provides a highly available and scalable Apache Kafka ecosystem as a managed service


Padmanava Debnath, Director Technology, Cambridge Technology, Inc.
Peter Buckley, Sales, Cambridge Technology, Inc.