Streamline your Apache Kafka infrastructure and operations with Amazon MSK


Apache Kafka has been a boon for businesses. After all, this distributed event streaming platform has helped handle trillions of events per day!

But while its APIs simplify building data-driven apps and managing complex back-end systems, handling the sheer volume of Apache Kafka clusters manually, along with setting up, scaling, and managing them, can get extremely tiresome. Add that to the need of getting dedicated, skilled resources for it, and the process gets anything but easy.

This is where Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka can do wonders! This fully-managed service can run streaming applications on Apache Kafka and Kafka Connect while streamlining your entire infrastructure and operations.

In this webinar, we will discuss

•  What is event streaming and Apache Kafka

•  Challenges of Self-Managed Kafka

•  Overview of Amazon MSK

•  Features and Benefits of Amazon MSK

•  Stream processing within minutes using KDA Studio

•  Recently announced MSK Serverless

•  Case Study of Kafka

•  Migration and Support plan on Amazon MSK

Ajit Singh

Principal Worldwide Sales Specialist
Data Streaming AWS

Padmanava Debnath

Director - Technology,
Cambridge Technology Inc.

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