Discover How AI Is Powering Global Enterprises Bringing In Measurable Digital Transformation

Discover how AI can further digital transformation initiatives to deliver positive business outcomes and unleash superior customer experiences.  

What Is Digital Transformation and What Does It Mean for the Industry?

Digital transformation encapsulates the application of digital capabilities to existing products, processes, and services. Such a transformation aims to increase business offerings’ scope and access and automate manual tasks for a seamless customer experience. For the transformation to be successful, businesses need to focus on spending capital and be ready to accept change — a change in status quo pertaining to internal and external stakeholders.

Industries on the digital transformation route or those willing to take it should have the customer at the core of the strategy. In today’s personalization age, consumer choices heavily depend on developing customized products. Products and services must be tailor-made to catch customers’ eye, resulting in conversion and loyalty. Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a huge role in automating personalization that focuses on customer preferences.  

Digital transformation caters to keeping up with emerging customer demands and helps organizations compete better in an era of continuous technological disruptions. Companies creating smart customer journeys and building products and services that benefit people’s lives will win. Those who do not leverage the latest AI capabilities to predict demand and market trends and manage their workforce will fail.

In a nutshell, digital transformation intends to modernize an organization to come up to speed with the latest technological applications. It also showcases companies in a league of constantly evolving organizations, keeping the customer in mind. And AI-driven digital transformation is the key to staying ahead of the competition.  Below are some industry use cases that showcase how AI augments measurable digital transformation to generate new revenue streams and improve customer experiences.

AI in E-commerce

Leveraging AI in e-commerce applications helps create recommendation engines through which organizations can better interact with customers. AWS, whom we are partners with since its inception, has capabilities such as Amazon Personalize and Amazon Clickstream that use browsing history, preferences, and interests of customers when providing accurate recommendations. Such events help bolster brand loyalty and your relationship with your customers.

Natural language processing has helped create chatbots and virtual shopping assistants in e-commerce. These assistants can interact with customers in real-time and sound as personal and human as possible, courtesy of AI.

AI in E-Commerce Applications

AI also deals with credit card frauds and fake reviews by gauging usage patterns and dealing with fake reviews by identifying and eliminating them.

AI in Healthcare and Life Sciences

AI in Healthcare & Life Sciences

The heavily regulated healthcare industry is a challenging field since they have to lay impetus on extreme patient-centered care along with keeping health information secure and private. Services like AWS for healthcare help increase the pace of innovation and unlock the potential of data using AI. AWS helps optimize and digitize health-related data and improve patient outcomes with its broad range of cloud services and purpose-built partner solutions. With their close association with Electronic Health Records (EHR) providers, AWS empowers acceleration in innovation to make healthcare a more personal experience while keeping the data safe.

AWS also finds applications in the life sciences sector by combining its core AI capabilities, flexibility, security, and computational power. By leveraging deep industry expertise and a bespoke portfolio of industry solutions, they help bring-in unparalleled insights and improve operational efficiencies.

AI in Financial Services

The all-encompassing financial services sector, which includes banking, payments, capital markets, and insurance, is being powered by AI and the cloud to differentiate themselves today and adapt to the needs of tomorrow. Service providers such as AWS for the financial sector are providing the required infrastructure in AI and the cloud for better resiliency and security. Stringent security requirements mandatory to this sector are met courtesy of continuous innovation with many services and deep industry expertise from vendors such as AWS. AI and cloud empower infrastructure modernization, meet customer demands, and drive business growth.

AI in Financial Services
AI in Consumer Packaged Goods

AI in Consumer Packaged Goods

Due to mass production and traditional technology, the consumer packaged goods industry (CPG) often lacks desirable business outputs. AI and digital twins can be game-changers if implemented right in this industry. CPG companies must reinvent themselves regarding how they develop, make, move, and market their products. Organizations in this space desperately require this to keep up with the competition and customer demands. By introducing cutting-edge technology in AI, technology partners such as AWS can help CPG companies focus on increasing market share, improving customer satisfaction, and driving brand loyalty. The best part is that CPG industries do not need to worry about hosting and maintaining the best capabilities. 

AI in Agriculture

Amazon’s Computer vision, robotics, and machine learning applications can bring back information about defects and nutrient deficiencies in farm soil. This information is linked to the applications that can process it and act to mitigate soil problems. AI can also detect where weeds are more likely to grow in farmlands. It has given birth to bots that can do agricultural work faster than humans.

Ai in Agriculture
AI in Automobiles

AI in Automobiles

The idea of a car that drives itself might be spooky for baby boomers. But thanks to AI, developers today can create self-driving cars adding finesse to it day-after-day. Courtesy of Amazon, capabilities like Rekognition and AI capabilities such as image recognition, machine learning, and neural networks have made it possible for cars to drive without a driver. Neural networks recognize data patterns and feed them to powerful machine learning algorithms. The information is extracted from the cameras of autonomous cars that identify various objects falling along the route. The final product assists in braking, blind-spot monitoring, steering, etc.

AI in Social Media and Marketing

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all use AI in their platforms to achieve specific goals. While Twitter uses AI to offer detection, remove hateful & propaganda content, and suggest posts, Facebook uses DeepText to understand conversations better. Instagram uses AI to present posts in the explore tab. Organizations can leverage these for hyper-personalization.

Marketers can leverage AI, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, and Kibana to target and retarget audiences with personalized advertisements by using behavioral analysis, pattern recognition, etc. Many organizations have rolled-out complete AI-powered marketing automation tools for campaign and user journey success. AI-assisted content marketing helps match the writing with the brand’s style and voice.

AI in Social Media and Marketing

Infuse AI in Your Digital Transformation

The force of AI is present in nearly all the industries available worldwide. While digital transformation is a step ahead in the stages of evolution for an organization, AI adds significant power to this transformation. AI has a wide array of applications and can genuinely make a difference in the sector that your organization works for. However, adding the right AI capabilities to power digital transformation remains a challenge for most organizations.

We enable our customers to stay ahead of the curve by helping them begin their digital and AI journeys by figuring out the perfect approach, solutions, and ecosystem for their business. We help transform your business with AI innovation, simplicity, flexibility, and earnestness. Our experts help customers leverage the right AI, big data, cloud solutions, and intelligent platforms to help them become and stay relevant in a rapidly changing world.

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